Category: Director: Andrew Stanton

  • Wall – E. Dir. Anrew Stanton. Pixar. 2008.

    In its depiction of a film-world defined by its lack of natural life, Pixar’s WALL-E (2008) features only one animal: WALL-E’s charismatic companion, Hal the cockroach.

  • Finding Dory. Dir. Andrew Stanton. Disney Pixar. 2016.

    Dory is the iconic name for the blue tang, (or scientifically known: palette surgeon fish) from the motion picture, Finding Nemo. Much like its predecessor, Finding Dory personifies marine life by animating fish with character and emotions in order to get the audience to engage in a more sympathetic mindset to sea life and overall motivate a movement…

  • Finding Nemo. Dir. Andrew Stanton. Disney Pixar. 2003.

    Finding Nemo is a fantastic animated film, directed by Andrew Stanton. It tells the story of an overprotective clownfish, Marlin (Albert Brooks), whose son Nemo (Alexander Gould), is captured by a diver in the Great Barrier Reef and is taken to a dentist’s fish tank in Sydney. Timid Marlin, who usually will not swim more then two…